About Us

It all began in the summer of 2012, that's when Jason and Sofi reconnected and have been inseparable ever since. This relationship has given them two beautiful daughters, River and Raine.

May 2013, they visited Guatemala, Sofi's birth place, turned to be the "muse" for this journey known as Great Spirit Designs.

After traveling to different parts of Guatemala, they went to Panajachel, Sololá aka "Pana" as the Guatemalans call it. It is a little but beautiful corner of the world, full of colours, flavours and smiling people and crowned with a stunning volcano panorama view. They took a hike one day and met a traveling artisan couple on the vendor strip making and selling their crafts. They were inspired to do this as well, but their plans to become entrepreneurs wouldn't come to surface until Fall 2014, that's when their adventure would start.

In Fall 2015 from Toronto, Ontario they embarked in a "Van-Life" adventure across Canada and in the USA for 2 years. Vending at different towns/ cities and meeting talented artisans along their journey. A fortunate stroke of serendipity they landed in Grand Forks, British Columbia. They continued their journey throughout North America and come back 3 years later to “Settle Down” in the Boundary Area.

Jason and Sofi’s creativity has lead them to having a repertoire of different handmade products. Their love in working with natural materials keep on evolving into different avenues, but they seem to always add their "grassroots vibe" to everything they do.

From the Forest Themed Beeswax Candles to the Handmade Leather Accessories and in their Tie Dye Collection, which incorporates their very colourful side.

They have also ventured in their own original illustrated Graphic Apparel and Tote Bags. Which you will soon be able to Purchase on here.